TV Studies

Below is a curation of videos and podcasts, authored scholarly essays, and articles about what I do in Teleserye Studies, the exploration of the Filipino TV soap opera. Most are put together to document the development and evolution of ideas that led to the writing of Abangán and Ang Drama ng Ating Búhay (forthcoming). There might be more out there, so I will appreciate any leads. Don’t hesitate to send comments or feedback!

Articles and Reports on the Ateneo Teleserye Elective (2014-2021)

Ateneo Teleserye Elective on October 21, 2014 Philippine Star

Ateneo Teleserye Elective on November 14, 2014 TV Patrol

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This is the official website of Louie Jon A. Sánchez, poet, teacher, critic, and Filipino. Also follow him on his social media accounts below:


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